21 April 2010

It took booby-talk to get the blog hat back on.

I did not realize I had not been here for almost a month. Yikes! Not sure why I resist blogging. Wait, that's not quite true; it's one of my "things", as in, a not-necessarily-rational hang up. (Is that redundant? Are there rational hang ups?) Taking the time to express myself in a thoughtful and meaningful way is a luxury I feel I cannot really afford. I don't have a real job, or at least I don't get regular paychecks. I have a tendency to feel like I must always be doing "Something ____". Something does not, cannot stand alone; it must be Something Worthwhile, or Educational, or Profitable, or that Builds Character, or Helps Others. It should also be done efficiently and promptly. Way to pop my own fun balloons - there is too much pressure to perform! No wonder my shoulders are always tense! I need to freakin' relax and goof off a little.

Now, goofing off in the name of activism meets the "Something _____ " rules and sounds fun. Coincidentally, finding such a Something led me to wanna blog about it, so I can get the blog fix in simultaneously.

In response to an Iranian cleric's idea that women's immodest dress brings calamity (including Iran's frequent earthquakes) as punishment, the Blag Hag has suggested we bring on a boobquake. She was joking at first, but boobquake as taken on a life its own, complete with facebook event page trending on twitter. So, yay, I'm going to be a joiner and a follower and dress immodestly on April 26 to aid in her test of the cleavage = quakes theory.

Talk about fun balloons! That's my big extra-curricular plans for the upcoming week! Now it's time to finish my work-work, then do some domestic house-work. Or maybe I'll cuddle up with Otto for a nap. Napping with a cat is addictive...

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