03 March 2010

Happy International Sex Workers Rights Day!!

Today is one of those days I make a point of publicly putting my beliefs into action. I support the right of consenting adults to work doing what they want and to be safe doing it, and so support the rights of sex workers to organize and have their work decriminalized. And U.S. patrons should not be restricted to trips to Nevada for legal commerce - let's put that free-market philosophy to work nationwide!

International Sex Workers Rights Day began in 2001 - this from the background at the Sex Worker Outreach Project-USA website:
Our political objectives are decriminalization of adult prostitution, securing social recognition of sex work as a valid profession and establishing sex workers right to self-determination.
Want some ways to stay informed on what's happening in the world of sex work? Try the blog Bound, Not Gagged, or Sex Work Awareness website. Lots of orgs and individuals are of course tweeting: SWOPUSA, Desiree Alliance, $pread magazine, Violet Blue, Audacia Ray, Carol Queen, and my friend Tara :)

Put your money where your mouth is: I subscribe to $pread magazine and sponsored a day in the 2010 Sex Bloggers Calendar (2011 sponsorships available).

You can find more resources by checking blog rolls and link lists at the above sites.

Workers of the world, unite!

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