25 February 2010

On the road. And rails.

No regular post for this week (again). Friday is my favorite day to think and write, but I'm heading out of town for the weekend. Amtrak is taking me on a magic ride down the coast for a brief trip back home behind the Orange Curtain. Departure is actually by bus from Salinas; in Santa Barbara, I'll board the Pacific Surfliner. It will be a long day on my backside, but being on the choo-choo means I can stretch, walk, read, nap, maybe talk to strangers, and for sure play with my new toy.

I'm staying in Dana Point for the weekend with a likely side trip to my hometown of Fullerton. Got a reunion planned with the beautiful woman now known as Sooz, a dear friend from even before high school. Way before high school: we met at St. Juliana's in 5th grade - EGADS!! That was like 1974-75!

I will be on the twitter and facebook so tweet me, poke me, make meh spelll lyk thissss...

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