17 January 2010

Juli's Latest Whim, January 2010 ed.

Back in October, I got to meet my favorite horror host, Mr. Lobo. Most who know me are aware of my B-movie geekiness. You can thank the likes of Grimsley (my big crush at age 11) and Elvira for that. I love the corny humor along with the appreciation for the people who created those little treasures of film. Their hearts were in the right places, even when creativity, financial resources, and talent were not.

There is a thriving horror host community throughout the country. I want to be like Remo D, Penny Dreadful, and Karlos Borloff when I grow up. Or rather, when I have the time and funds available to create my own little web-based show. While these folks have professional casts, crew and video production, I anticipate havin' me some props, a green screen, and maybe even a puppet (tee hee hee). This whole idea is in its day-dreaming, fantasy and note-taking stage so far. But I do have a plan, and the planning is a lot of fun.

And so is research! I want my character to be a believable person with a reasonable career, lifestyle and personality. To that end, I am spending hours and hours studying her area of expertise, at the library and online. I've also started following some great blogs - great in terms of entertainment, criticism and review. I'm trying to learn more about the films out there, the voices behind their creation and appreciation. Especially chick voices, of which there are not enough.

For some unreasonable reason, I have a hard time just goofing off. The little nag voice in my head tells me I should be doing productive, constructive things, at all times, and in an orderly and efficient manner, no less. I am REALLY trying to lose that voice (habits of 40+ years are hard to break in just two or three). This horror host project helps me accommodate my compulsion to WORK while still having fun. The planning, research, note-taking, collection and organization process keeps my mind busy and stimulated, and I'm really enjoying the learning. I'm hoping this experience will help me to be satisfied with "learning for learning's sake," so it does not matter if there is a measurable result.

Sheesh, workaholic-nag-self, back off and just enjoy life, already!

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