08 May 2010

So very busy but had time for TV people!

No deep thoughts or outrage to express tonight. However, I did spend a wonderful Thursday in San Francisco being an extra for Mythbusters! Well, me and ~199 other fan/geeks like me. I'm hoping that my schmoozing with Grant and Tory will solidify my status as "coolest aunt in the world" with the sibs's childrens. Especially those boys up north whose daddy likes to blow things up; you KNOW they love Mythbusters. The experience was pretty cool for me, too. There was quite an eclectic group of people there! Of course, I'm not at liberty to share any details of the experiment; the episode should air in two to four months.

Made some new friends, and we're keeping in touch on the twitter. Also found out that Tory is from Monterey. I don't want to be labeled a stalker, but I am going to keep my eyes out for him on those holidays where children are wont to return home. Like Mothers' or Fathers' Day, for instance. Hubba-hubba.

21 April 2010

It took booby-talk to get the blog hat back on.

I did not realize I had not been here for almost a month. Yikes! Not sure why I resist blogging. Wait, that's not quite true; it's one of my "things", as in, a not-necessarily-rational hang up. (Is that redundant? Are there rational hang ups?) Taking the time to express myself in a thoughtful and meaningful way is a luxury I feel I cannot really afford. I don't have a real job, or at least I don't get regular paychecks. I have a tendency to feel like I must always be doing "Something ____". Something does not, cannot stand alone; it must be Something Worthwhile, or Educational, or Profitable, or that Builds Character, or Helps Others. It should also be done efficiently and promptly. Way to pop my own fun balloons - there is too much pressure to perform! No wonder my shoulders are always tense! I need to freakin' relax and goof off a little.

Now, goofing off in the name of activism meets the "Something _____ " rules and sounds fun. Coincidentally, finding such a Something led me to wanna blog about it, so I can get the blog fix in simultaneously.

In response to an Iranian cleric's idea that women's immodest dress brings calamity (including Iran's frequent earthquakes) as punishment, the Blag Hag has suggested we bring on a boobquake. She was joking at first, but boobquake as taken on a life its own, complete with facebook event page trending on twitter. So, yay, I'm going to be a joiner and a follower and dress immodestly on April 26 to aid in her test of the cleavage = quakes theory.

Talk about fun balloons! That's my big extra-curricular plans for the upcoming week! Now it's time to finish my work-work, then do some domestic house-work. Or maybe I'll cuddle up with Otto for a nap. Napping with a cat is addictive...

28 March 2010

"A" Week on Facebook.

I just learned of "A Week on Facebook" today - a group has been organized on facebook encouraging atheists to change their photo to the scarlet "A". (Guess I glossed right over the mention on Friendly Atheist's blog, which is in my reader - d'oh!) I joined the facebook group and already changed my photo; following "A" Week on twitter, too, & will RT the interesting bits.

It seems so wonderfully appropriate for this to take place during so-called Holy Week. It tickles my funny bone.

26 March 2010

Juliana Marie writes at shethought.com!

Please check out my contribution to Heidi Anderson's shethought.com, wherein I promote the rational way out of alcoholism. All feedback appreciated; share with your friends!


24 March 2010

Ada Lovelace Day!

Today is Ada Lovelace Day - a day designated to recognizing achievements of women in science and technology. This year, I'm joining the celebration by noting just a few of said women, whom I follow via their blogs, twitter, or old-fashioned paper-and-ink communications. (And sorry this is so brief - I would love to have done some in-depth research on these and other women who interest and inspire me but everyday life got in the way...)
Cyan Banister because of her accomplishments in tech and art, 'cause Zivity is cool and because her personal story was compelling to me. Libertarian philosophy, thoughtful writing, skills of the super-techy kind, AND friends w/Penn Jillette. (Jealous much?) Check her out at twitter.

Karen Stollznow - skeptic, scientist, writer. Have to admit - I mostly picked her because she is a self-described cunning linguist. But in addition to her wit, she is Director of Bay Area Skeptics She tweets @karenstollznow, too.

Jean Kirkpatrick was a sociologist and the founder of Women for Sobriety. I only know Jean because of WFS, her related writings and autobiography, and meeting some of her many friends. She was an alcoholic who came up with WFS while getting sober without "that other program".

Also in celebration of Ada's day, check out the launch of shethought.com - I contributed an essay (first time I've submitted writing to somebody else, leaves me excited and a little nervous!). Not up yet, will tweet when it is.

10 March 2010

Quickie Just for FUN: Your Life in Song Titles!

Stole this from Virgin In The Volcano. Play and pass it along:

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to a gazillion people and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's harder than you think...

Pick Your Artist: DEVO

Are you male or female: Girl U Want

Describe yourself: Uncontrollable Urge

How do you feel about yourself: S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)

Describe where you currently live: Planet Earth

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Mr. B's Ballroom

Your best friends are: Smart Patrol

Your favorite color is: Red Eye Express

What's the weather like: Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: Love Without Anger

What is life to you: Beautiful World

What is the best advice someone has given you: Gut Feeling

If you could change your name, what would it be?: Pink Pussycat

Your favorite food is: It's Not Right

Your job is: Are U Experienced?

03 March 2010

Happy International Sex Workers Rights Day!!

Today is one of those days I make a point of publicly putting my beliefs into action. I support the right of consenting adults to work doing what they want and to be safe doing it, and so support the rights of sex workers to organize and have their work decriminalized. And U.S. patrons should not be restricted to trips to Nevada for legal commerce - let's put that free-market philosophy to work nationwide!

International Sex Workers Rights Day began in 2001 - this from the background at the Sex Worker Outreach Project-USA website:
Our political objectives are decriminalization of adult prostitution, securing social recognition of sex work as a valid profession and establishing sex workers right to self-determination.
Want some ways to stay informed on what's happening in the world of sex work? Try the blog Bound, Not Gagged, or Sex Work Awareness website. Lots of orgs and individuals are of course tweeting: SWOPUSA, Desiree Alliance, $pread magazine, Violet Blue, Audacia Ray, Carol Queen, and my friend Tara :)

Put your money where your mouth is: I subscribe to $pread magazine and sponsored a day in the 2010 Sex Bloggers Calendar (2011 sponsorships available).

You can find more resources by checking blog rolls and link lists at the above sites.

Workers of the world, unite!

25 February 2010

On the road. And rails.

No regular post for this week (again). Friday is my favorite day to think and write, but I'm heading out of town for the weekend. Amtrak is taking me on a magic ride down the coast for a brief trip back home behind the Orange Curtain. Departure is actually by bus from Salinas; in Santa Barbara, I'll board the Pacific Surfliner. It will be a long day on my backside, but being on the choo-choo means I can stretch, walk, read, nap, maybe talk to strangers, and for sure play with my new toy.

I'm staying in Dana Point for the weekend with a likely side trip to my hometown of Fullerton. Got a reunion planned with the beautiful woman now known as Sooz, a dear friend from even before high school. Way before high school: we met at St. Juliana's in 5th grade - EGADS!! That was like 1974-75!

I will be on the twitter and facebook so tweet me, poke me, make meh spelll lyk thissss...

16 February 2010

My new present!

Lookie, lookie, lookie!!

Sweetie took me to Radio Shack for goodies!!

Capacitors, resistors & diodes, ohm I! (HA - get it?) on Twitpic

Gonna learn me some wire-attachin', switch-flippin', current-resistin', noise-and-light-makin' *MAGIC*!! Tee hee! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm excited...

(it's also available online)

02 February 2010

Anniversaries and other annual events

The inundation of Valentines Day advertising got me thinking about the "holiday," and the reasons we (my Sweetie & I) have never celebrated it. Honestly, he loves me, a lot, every day, and lets me know it in ways far beyond gifts of things. Put me in the bandwagon w/those who say label this a "Hallmark holiday" designed to sell greeting cards, candy, jewelry, and the one of the latest trends - cell phones. So romantic. The ads are so typical in how they depict primarily men proving love and affection for primarily women - with purchased goods. I just don't get how socially coerced shopping/gift-giving demonstrates true affection or love. Ugh. It bothers me more than christmas, because at christmas at least some attention is paid to the gathering of family and friends. No, we don't exchange gifts at christmas, either.

I feel similarly about celebrating wedding anniversaries. What exactly does the anniversary recognize? In our case, it is the annual recurrence of the day we performed a ceremony. But, it is NOT "the day" we fell in love, or that we decided we wanted to be together; that day was not the defining moment of our relationship. It just happens to be the day we did a (mostly) conventional ritual to demonstrate "we're together and intend to stay that way" for societal and familial purposes (not to mention some fiscal benefits). We chose that day because it was convenient to the sporting event where we wanted to vacation and honeymoon - in Monterey, for the [then] IndyCar Grand Prix at Laguna Seca Raceway. By the way, for the possible racing fans out there: this was 1996, the year Alex Zanardi passed Bryan Herta by jumping the curbs in the corkscrew. And for the first few years, we did celebrate with a return trip, until moving to Monterey made a special trip moot, not to mention IndyCar/CART/IRL politics led to schedule changes and eventually eliminated the event.

Celebrating anniversaries of certain events seems almost like a magic, ritual practice. I dno't have a problem with annual events that make us recall tragedies, not to keep wallowing in loss and misery, but to remind us of what we don't want happening in the world (see anything related to wars/assassinations).

As an ex-drunk lady, I know it's been almost three years since I got drunk, but I don't celebrate a "sober-versary." That particular day was not that great a day, other than the fact I only had two beers instead of twelve (it being a Monday night and all, ha ha - at least, I think it was a Monday). What is the difference in 30 days, or 365, or 1000? All those days are in the past. Not that life before today was meaningless, but what I do now, today, and tomorrow IS more important than yesterday. The things to happen, they aren't happening now, they haven't happened yet.

I don't discount that my accumulated "time in sobriety" (ugh, recovery jargon!) is significant. It demonstrates I've learned to live in a far better way. But as Jean Kirkpatrick, founder of Women For Sobriety, points out: getting sober is just the beginning of the learning. Just as the wedding was just the beginning of a married state. And like that ceremony was not the definition of my relationship with my sweetie (which goes even beyond the word "marriage" ), the day I became an ex-drunk lady does not define my, uh, ex-drunkedness. I'm not only an ex-drunk lady; I'm ME. And ME continues to think and grow and change. For purposes of an annual celebration, I'll retain the right to use the New Year to mark changes, to reflect on all aspects of life. But I love my sweetie every single, damn day, and I appreciate his partnership, affection, personality... the way he enhances my life! Everything! And I try really hard to let him know on a daily basis, as he does with me. On the odd occasions that one of us buys the other a greeting card, or a little gift, it's memorable because it's a surprise. It doesn't happen because there are red hearts decorating the drug stores, or the calendar says "anniversary".

HOWEVER, please note that my lack of conformity regarding typical gifting practices should not be construed to mean that I discourage our parents/loved ones from sending checks so we can go out to dinner on them. 'Cause then it's about remembering and thanking the giver for a thoughtful, generous remembrance. Just sayin'.

31 January 2010

This blog now on The Atheist Blogroll!

I'm so excited - thanks to vjack's suggestion, I made application and was accepted to The Atheist Blogroll. I've got the blogroll in my sidebar. The Atheist Blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world.

If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

28 January 2010

$pread Magazine's "Academy Pitch"

I've been subscribing to $pread Magazine for a couple years as part of my commitment to sex-positive political activism. $pread Magazine is actively reaching out to the academy, offering primary sources and resources about sex work and sex workers.

So, YO! students & researchers, check out this multidisciplinary approach to areas you, too, can study, using the words and work of REAL PEOPLE and REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS in these areas:
Migration and Trafficking
Violence against Sex workers
As noted in their post, "$pread does not endorse any particular 'solution' to the sex industry; we promote the right of sex workers to tell their own stories and define their own experiences." Power to the people!

24 January 2010

The Out Campaign

Lookie me! I added The Out Campaign's "Scarlet Letter of Atheism" to my blog. (Me official big atheist now.)

Here's a fancier version:
The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

You can too! Just add an A, and join me on the blogroll!

22 January 2010

The Education of Juliana Marie

Ooh, doesn't that sound porny? Love it!

I'm actually speaking of my self-directed-adult-learner, online and public-library based education. This week has been all about Oceanography and Pacific Coast invertebrates. This education is not enough for me to pass any exams, mind you, but it is DEFINITELY enough to continuously marvel at this amazing planet we live on, and all its amazing creatures (and to appreciate the lucky suckers who have passed the exams and get to spend their time studying said planet and creatures).

My main object of desire, I mean study, is the giant squid - architeuthis dux. However, the more I read about jellies, the more I'm loving them. Some years ago, my sweetie and I saw a pelagia colorata (a totally effin' cool purple and white jelly!!!) as we walked along the Coast Guard wharf. Now that I think of it, we saw several of them, of various sizes, floating up and down around the wharf. And that was just after we had seen a large otter dine on three or four crabs in quick succession. Didn't even have to pay aquarium admission for the nature lesson!

My goal for this week's study is to finish reading my library books - two small guides to invertebrates and one big book on the giant squid. AND to remember to find my dang notecards so I can resume my dang notetaking! (No photographic memory here.)

But that's all for later; I'm using the blog to procrastinate again. Guess I better get going on the job-type work now. *Sigh*

Hope you readers enjoy your Friday.

17 January 2010

Juli's Latest Whim, January 2010 ed.

Back in October, I got to meet my favorite horror host, Mr. Lobo. Most who know me are aware of my B-movie geekiness. You can thank the likes of Grimsley (my big crush at age 11) and Elvira for that. I love the corny humor along with the appreciation for the people who created those little treasures of film. Their hearts were in the right places, even when creativity, financial resources, and talent were not.

There is a thriving horror host community throughout the country. I want to be like Remo D, Penny Dreadful, and Karlos Borloff when I grow up. Or rather, when I have the time and funds available to create my own little web-based show. While these folks have professional casts, crew and video production, I anticipate havin' me some props, a green screen, and maybe even a puppet (tee hee hee). This whole idea is in its day-dreaming, fantasy and note-taking stage so far. But I do have a plan, and the planning is a lot of fun.

And so is research! I want my character to be a believable person with a reasonable career, lifestyle and personality. To that end, I am spending hours and hours studying her area of expertise, at the library and online. I've also started following some great blogs - great in terms of entertainment, criticism and review. I'm trying to learn more about the films out there, the voices behind their creation and appreciation. Especially chick voices, of which there are not enough.

For some unreasonable reason, I have a hard time just goofing off. The little nag voice in my head tells me I should be doing productive, constructive things, at all times, and in an orderly and efficient manner, no less. I am REALLY trying to lose that voice (habits of 40+ years are hard to break in just two or three). This horror host project helps me accommodate my compulsion to WORK while still having fun. The planning, research, note-taking, collection and organization process keeps my mind busy and stimulated, and I'm really enjoying the learning. I'm hoping this experience will help me to be satisfied with "learning for learning's sake," so it does not matter if there is a measurable result.

Sheesh, workaholic-nag-self, back off and just enjoy life, already!