05 November 2009

O, mis frijoles santos!

It's been waaaaay too long, obviously! That's what happens when one trains to run a marathon, gets hurt, then resumes training but for a half-marathon, and she shaves her head and raises money for LLS, and then gets laid off and spends all that new-found time doing job searches and applications online and reestablishing her home office. Whew.

So what is the best thing to do when one is unemployed? ROAD TRIP of course!!

Next Friday, we're traveling to L.A. where friend and tattoo artist Jeremy Swan will be attempting to break the Guinness record for tattooing - he will tattoo over 801 tattoos on an unknown number of people in 24 hours. You might see us spare-changin' it for gas $$ & the very reasonable fee ($20 per tat', choice of 4 small designs), BUT we've got a futon in Dana Point on which we'll lay our weary heads Friday night, then breakfast with my FBF, then back on the road to Monterey. (That's not a typo, she's my Fucking Best Friend & she's more than awesome.) I've got photos of Jeremy's artistry as applied to our skins, they're posted somewhere online; I'll add links when I track them down!

Speaking of fucking, news from the world of sex, according to my interests:

I'm breathlessly awaiting the arrival of my 2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar. I'm on the wrong side of the country to attend the release party; maybe next year? I sponsored a day in the new calendar, but I forget which one (my birthday was taken)!

$pread magazine is also about to print their latest issue and has been fundraising on twitter - help 'em out!

I'm also trying to catch up on a backlog of books that have been waiting to go from the "to be read" shelf to my nightstand for MONTHS. Yesterday, I read Best Sex Writing 2008 and enjoyed that greatly. Tristan Taormino had a piece on phthalates in dildos. Coincidentally, she is speaking in Albuquerque this week, as I heard just moments ago from my bro & sis there (oh yeah, my brother got married last month, that happened, too....). I have yet to figure out exactly WHAT it is I want to do, but my dream job will be SOMETHING to do with sex, as in the politics thereof. And no, Mom, I'm not gonna be stripper - at least not if it involves high heels and poles. (Heh heh, "poles"). Now in progress: Tilly Johnson's Pillow Book. Why the hell did I put this one off for so long?! I guess my priorities have been screwed up - but I THOUGHT I really needed to read "At The Mountains of Madness" four times in six months (loves me the Lovecraft).

Oops, it's just about time for Project Runway - have to move my behind into a different, more comfortable chair now. Ciao! I mean, auf Wiedersehen, babies!

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