17 August 2009

Back to reality.

Summer is over (the vacation part, anyways) and I am struggling to re-engage my brain and "normal" daily habits. Sweetie is already off to work. I've been up for over an hour and haven't done much productive, unless by productive one means catching up on tweets, taking FB quizzes & posting on walls. One happy circumstance - I swapped Monday cat care for Sunday, so spent yesterday with poopy kittens and cats. Good deed done for the week, now I can clean up after my own poopy cat today. Loves them litter boxes...

Today I plan to get loads of junk from friends so I can sell it all at a giant rummage sale next Saturday. I'll still be doing my 18 mile walk, but on Sunday, with just a few teammates (the rest of the team is going out Saturday). Yikes!

I'll also be hittin' up local business people for donations, for a raffle to be held on some date TBA. I've only got $300 of my $2500 minimum, and only six weeks to get the rest. Gots to get a move on, eh? I set up a blog and twitter profile just for the Team in Training stuff.

The other thing I'm considering is a "shaving-my-head-for-charity" fundraiser. How whack is that? Tee hee, get it...? Have to secure a venue and catering before putting my name on that dotted line.

While I'd rather spend another hour or so catching up on everything else I've been doing & thinking lately (takes deep breath) I needs must get going to start to commence to beginning those things I have to do. At least I can celebrate that football season has started (not that kind of football), and the U.S. did not humiliate itself in Mexico last Wednesday. Perhaps there's a podcast to play while doing laundry...

Enjoy the Monday, or whatever day it is where you are.

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