16 April 2009

It's been so long (not putting out fires)

I have been away for too long, but I have this weird mind: blogging is fun, but takes a lot of time. Mind says, "Do not take that time while you have [some sort of onerous duty] to do!" Stupid mind. I'll try to catch up quickly; I have to leave for work in 45 minutes but still have dressing, makeup application, cat maintenance & lunch gathering to do. I am keeping up a little better on twitter (trying not to do it at work, except at lunch...).

SCHOOL UPDATE: I've finished the Alternative Dispute Resolution part of the Advanced Paralegal series. I have three units each left for Constitutional and Immigration Law. Plus finals. I had planned to catch up on IL yesterday, but another kitty medical situation arose last week, and it's a doozy.

KITTY UPDATE: Otto had a kitty pee pee problem, the typical straining followed by blood in the stream. I got him in to the vet right away. That was the easy part to control, under $200 for the visit and medication. However, the doctor asked how long his eyes had been two different colors. They had been that way since we got him from the shelter, about two years ago, although the left eye does seem to be getting darker. Sure enough, it warrants a visit to the kitty ophthalmologist, and I get three choices. Operation to remove the dying lens now, which can save vision but leaves risk of cataracts eventually requiring removal of eye - $2000. Removing the eye now - $1200. Treating the eye with medication until the lens luxates (totally dies and falls out) to give us time to save up $1200 - about $30 for medication. Plus the $170 for the visit, exam, tests, etc. Oy vey. We chose the "treat til it has to come out" option. Oh, that's the new thing to add to the morning list. Otto gets eye drops (yay, can't wait for that).

As a side note, I was very impressed with the facility, and the staff. It's an emergency hospital, and the ophthalmologist goes there once a week. The place looked like a human medical office, only cheerier. And the two parrots in the back arguing sounded like some crazy ladies I know from the bus.

Okay, now I've got just over 15 minutes to get ready, so I will stop now.

In our next episode: "Juliana describes her new working situation, gets social, and comes out as an atheist to Sister Christian! On Good Friday! Feeling of great relief tempered by revelation two days later Sister Christian lost her baby (early in pregnancy, 6 wks)." Good timing, julz....

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