02 March 2009

Update on M.O.E.

Well, M.O.E. got admitted to the kitty hospital yesterday; she's apparently in renal failure, is anemic and has a urinary infection. I called at 8 a.m. today, and she was growling at the vet tech, which is a good sign (scratching would be better, since that's her normal reaction to being handled. Yes, she's quite a lover, that one.) They were giving her meds orally, and she's on an IV, of course. Poor little kitty! The vet also figured she's well into her teens. The rescue shelter estimated her age as much younger (3-7 years!), but shortly after we adopted her, I figured she was at least 10.

This may sound inhumane to some kitty mommies, but we put a dollar limit on M.O.E.'s treatment before we went to the vet. Thankfully, her 2-day stay was estimated well under the limit. It's all we can do; the vet said she has a 50/50 chance of making it.

I am keeping myself detached as much as I can. It has only been two years since we lost our Bijou (after I had her 18+ years) and I don't want to get all emotionally jacked up if I don't have to. I just wish it didn't take so long to see results. Ugh, I hate animal hospitals almost as much as people hospitals........

UPDATED Update: Vet says she's getting better; she ate last night, she's been eating today & taking her meds and peeing okay. They'll check her blood again tomorrow. If she has improved significantly, I can take her home; if there's only slight improvement, we'll have to talk about it. And this assumes she continues to improve, for which I am optimistic.

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