10 March 2009

M.O.E. is no mo'

Sorry to be flip, if you're sensitive to that kind of thing, but we had to let M.O.E. go on Sunday evening. I refused to be there; I just did not want to deal with it. My kind-hearted Sweetie got the vet to stay a little late so I would not have to A) worry about it all Sunday night, nor B) take her in by myself on Monday. An ironic sign of how right it was - according to Sweetie, the vet assistants came in to pet M.O.E. & say good-by - and she let them. Without growling or hissing at anyone. Poor thing was really far gone. Some consolation - M.O.E. had the best life an ex-shelter kitty could want while she was here; now she is pain-free and does not have to worry about our other (dumb) cat bothering her ever again. And the $1200 or so in vet bills for her last 10-12 days? Well... I figure we probably would have spent that if we had had her for the other 10-12 years of her life. We did what we could to try and bring her back to health, but she was just too old and/or too sick.

The other (dumb) cat, Otto, is now officially king of the apartment. He gets all the kitty furniture to himself, can wander at will, and does not have to share toys or treats. He seems pretty pleased with himself. He better not get fuckin' sick for a long time, tho'!! He's only about 4-6 years old (we think), and is up-to-date with his shots & checkups.

Okay, enough pussy talk. There are a few other things bubbling at the back of my mind, waiting to be shared, but I'm going to save them for Wednesday. My favorite time to practice blogging is around 7 a.m., after Sweetie's gone to work. So that's the plan - me & laptop, meeting for coffee, right here, in about 12 hours. Whoo-hoo!

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