14 March 2009

Jessica Gottlieb, and why I blog

I "met" Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb on twitter, and we're "facebook friends" too - and I'm not even a mommy, neener-neener. Jessica rocks - she's sharp, witty, a green mom, and posts her mother's great iPhone photos. She invited me to join The Diagonals, a Ning group for bloggers who "don't fit into traditional slots" (heh heh, she said "slots"). Apparently, as an atheist, porn-loving, self-employed non-breeder, I qualify. I kinda thought blogging *is* non-traditional behavior, which might give one a clue as to my age. (In case it doesn't: I'm 45, for two more months.)

One of the first group questions posted was "Why do you blog?" I thought I would share it here, too.
So this is my excuse for blogging as of March 14, 2009 (subject to change with guaranteed lack of notice):
I blog because I'm trying to find my voice and challenge myself to say what I mean, and mean what I say. I like the format, with its combination of safety and danger. I can express myself clearly and have editing to fall back on; I can control the environment via moderation. At same time, some of my thoughts, politics, and opinions are unacceptable, at least in my immediate family and social circle. I've got to get it out somehow!
I want to thank Jessica here in my own space, too - THANKS, JESSICA! And point you to her many activities. Besides the links above, she's at http://www.Sanctimommy.com, http://ecochildsplay.com, and http://www.celsias.com. Following her almost makes me wish I were back in So-Cal, just so I could hook up with her some time IRL and see the dynamo in action!

In unrelated news that's on my mind this afternoon...
Millwall lost their home match DAMMIT!!! but Liverpool beat Manchester United - at Old Trafford! We're not going to the Earthquakes' last pre-season game tonight. But our home opener is next Saturday, against the New England Revolution, and I can't wait. As promised, I'll be putting blue in my hair for every home match, and will take the photos to prove it. Too bad the semi-permanent blue hair dye doesn't last more than a few shampoos - I quite enjoyed the blue streaks applied so artfully by friend Wendy during the holidays! Okay, back go housekeeping before company arrives - happy Saturday to all.

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