06 February 2009

This is a proper Friday.

Huzzah, I found gainful employment outside the home - thanks Kelly Services! As of yesterday, I'm working 15-20 hours a week for a local civil attorney. It is really ideal - 20-minute walk from home, just up the street from the beach, near a park where I can enjoy a quiet lunch, and an office that can use my skills. My brain is so happy to be engaged again. I can also maintain my own business, which currently consists of intermittent inquiries to [a local gov't agency] to check up on my unpaid invoices, and NOT getting calls for more work 'cause of their budget cuts.

Monday, I'll be back at (new) work, so today is a proper Friday: it's cloudy and drizzly, got me some domestic chores to do, and a little studying. And I should have enough time to goof off online. So thought I'd share a couple goodies:
  • Courtesy of a Violet Blue tweet, presenting Яolcats - English translations of Russian LOLcats. I'm not certain the transliterations are authentic; if they are, they make an interesting comparison in cultural humor.
  • I've been enjoying Wil Wheaton's blog & tweets, and he led me to Pseudopod (feeding my new addiction to spoken-word podcasts & streams). I listened to a story he mentioned in his post, Scarecrow. Disturbing, well-told story, couldn't turn it off. Great contrast to the "fun" spooky tales I've been catching from the old Radio Mystery Theater.
My sweetie has a conference to attend on Saturday, so I suppose I'll be watching the football alone. Millwall's next game is Monday night, which is Monday noon here, and I have to work so I'll miss that. Which gives Sweetie the holiday on his own. Perhaps I'll tweet a bit on the weekend, too, and for sure I'll be poking friends at facebook.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.

p.s. have to add this joke I hadn't seen in a while - BAD TASTE WARNING, don't blame me, I didn't write it...

Johnny, a half blind, 5-year-old orphan has to ride 7 miles a day to school with only one leg on a bicycle with buckled wheels and no brakes.

Please give just a small donation of £2, and we will send you the video; it's f**king hilarious!