26 February 2009

Kitty Woes

Gone into domestic-chore assault mode this week, doing some early spring cleaning complete with the jettisoning of clutter. But chores are interrupted early today: Miss One-Eye, affectionately known as MOE, is having problems again. She was ill in November, got meds, got better. But it appears to be back - she peed on the bed last night. While we were sleeping in it. And I see by her food bowl she her appetite is down, which it wasn't last time. So now I'm sitting here, worrying, and waiting for the vet's office to open so I get her in. Thank goodness I got the car today! The vet's just a few blocks down the street, and she doesn't weigh very much, but we have an oversized carrier ('cause Otto is so big) and it's a bear to walk down the street with it. Especially in the rain.

*Sigh* Hoping she'll be okay, poor kitty.

Well, $250 later, MOE is resting quietly in the closet and has eaten a little. She got a shot, and I have a liquid antibiotic to give her. Waiting for the lab results; not sure yet if it is a urinary infection, she's anemic, and may have a problem with her kidneys. The vet also agrees with me - there is no way this cat is only 7 years old (shelter kitty, NFI). Poor kitty. But guess I can be glad I'm not the guy with the dog whose tests alone are running $600-$800!

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