01 February 2009

February already?

Well, spent last week doing a whole lot of nothing. Not quite true; I've been applying for lots of "outside work" (read: temp jobs). Had a great interview with a really sharp, dynamic attorney, but she went with someone else, probably (hopefully) 'cause I'm weak on civil litigation. *Sigh* That's okay, I'm truly a crim law animal, baby. Speaking of which, the Advanced Paralegal program is chugging right along, already at mid-terms this week! I love learning about the law, and love my student Westlaw subscription.

Today is a big day in football, and not just what you're thinking. Liverpool v. Chelsea is in the 2nd half (I should be paying more attention to it, but I'm frustrated w/Liverpool's failure to score). Following Goal.com on twitter now, too - continuing football education, I'm a lifelong learner in every subject!

And then there's that other football game going on. As per tradition, we didn't start watching until playoff season, just to have some idea who to root for in the Superbowl. This year, I'm not emotionally invested in either team, not even an interested neutral. But as I feel compelled to choose a side, I choose to root against Pittsburgh. We'll be watching just to justify an afternoon of feasting on my Seven-Layer Dip!

Oh, Drogba's coming on; guess I really should pay attention to the match. C'mon, lads! LIVERPOOLLLLLLLL!