16 January 2009

Starting the week on Friday

Friday morning. It's 0700, do you know where your priorities are? Mine are stored in numerous files ending with txt, odt, doc, jpg. Blogging is not one of them, not officially, but I mean it to be. Do you think there may be an underlying problem here? Multiple priorities, multiple places & formats, missing items... oh, and then avoiding putting it all together. Hmmm. I was going to make a joke about having seasonal affective disorder, a joke because how could one want to hibernate from or be bummed by this Central Coast weather? It's been lovely, mid-70s with lots of strong sunshine. I'm not hibernating 'cause of the weather, but have retreated from my priorities (read: responsibilities) this week for some reason. Among other things I should be doing (earning a living, cleaning the house, looking after the cats and husband -not nec. in that order), HEY - there's that half-marathon coming up in April - Now, I trained for the the Nike Women's Half-Marathon in '07 in less than three months, thanks to Team in Training. This one, I'm doing on my own (did the 10k in 2003), 'tho I'm kind of a lazy coach and trainer! However, having made my full and honest confession, I now resolve to do better by gathering the contents of those previously mentioned files, and making a proper list of priorities, goals, and steps by which to achieve them (and yes, I have half-marathon training plans in there, too.)

Wow, I feel better already. I have my plan of action; my tools and materials are all right here. It's especially timely because I need to get my house in order so I can properly celebrate the Inauguration! And just to make myself accountable, I'll post my progress here, somewhere, maybe have separate training threads or something... yeah, that's it - accountability... and I'll get on that as soon as I make another pot of decaf...

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