23 January 2009

Friday morning quickie

Unfortunately, I'm referring to this post, so get your mind out of the gutter. Lack of time management is making everything a quickie today. We slept through the alarm until about 6:27 am - Sweetie's carpool was scheduled to pick him up at 6:45. Yikes! Managed to get him out the door on time, with two travel mugs of coffee. It's a teacher work day, which means he wears shorts. Even though it's raining. It's tradition.

Haven't blogged since the inauguration, so let me now share my growing delight with the new president. He included non-believers as part of the America's "patchwork heritage" - praise jeebus & thank ganesha ;/-

I applied for a "real" job today, since incoming work has trickled to a stop. It's part-time, long-term temp - and local - so I can keep up with my studies and do a little transcription on the side when the opportunity arises.

I'm lovin' the twitter - I keep finding more folks to follow. For about the last week, it's been POPPORNBLOG for popporn.com (NSFW). Can't wait to see the results of the Fan Art contest; I submitted some work of my own. This week, they presented AVN Best New Starlet-winner Stoya with a special award of their own. I was familiar with Stoya from reading Christine Kessler's blog, but haven't seen her on film yet. CK is an awesome photographer and loads of fun to follow on twitter as well. I recommend you buy her stuff.

Have to be productive now, let's see how long I can avoid the tweet/face cycle of time wasting... Happy Friday!