31 December 2008

One year ago at this hour

It's 2009 in London; just under eight hours to go in Monterey. Miss you, London, & miss having the money to be there! Here's hoping 2009 in Monterey is the year self-employment becomes as profitable as it is enjoyable.
Here's a positive way to start the day - let me pass on Laura Augustín's post on getting mainstream blog attention to a sex worker issue. Her point made at Sociological Images: Seeing is Believing is what did the newsmedia really show about "trafficking" and why we need to ask questions before reacting. And I believe I'll start following Seeing is Believing to see what other good questions are being asked.

Happy last day of 2008!

Edited, to correct Laura's name and add her complete post from Border Thinking on Migration and Trafficking: Culture, Economy and Sex.

30 December 2008


This is my first serious attempt at a personal blog; I hope to learn a lot about communicating with others in this format. Hell, about communicating with others in general, since I'm always interested in what I have to say but not used to getting feedback on it! I have a lot of favorite blogs, so there will be more links than content to start. I ask for the reader's patient indulgence till I master this medium. Thanks.